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The INVENT-VTE Network recently held the fall cycle of its 2021-2022 Kickstarter Awards. Following an independent review process, INVENT has awarded the study titled "Comparison of 3 Diagnostic Strategies of PE: Planar V/Q Scan, CTPA, and V/Q SPECT" (Spectacular Study) a $20,000 (CAD) Kickstarter Award and official network endorsement. 

Prof. Pierre-Yves Salaün of University Hospital of Brest in the INNoVTE Network (France) has been awarded $20,000 (CAD) to facilitate the expansion of the Spectacular Study into the CanVECTOR Network (Canada) in collaboration with Prof. Grégoire Le Gal at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute / University of Ottawa.

Spectacular is a multicenter non-inferiority randomized controlled diagnostic trial, comparing three diagnostic strategies in patients with clinically suspected PE:

  1. Based on V/Q SPECT
  2. Based on CTPA
  3. Based on planar V/Q

The study was launched in France 3 years ago. Recruitment has been slower than anticipated due to logistical challenges, COVID-19, and the need to change imaging protocols. The Kickstarter Award will be used to expand study recruitment into Canada to boost recruitment and overall study progress.

About INVENT Kickstarter Awards

INVENT and its partners established the INVENT Kickstarter Awards to support international study expansion of INVENT Endorsed Studies. Funds are intended to help Principal Investigators of academic studies initiate new international sites at INVENT-member countries through start-up activities that are not covered by the primary funding for the study.

The next award cycle will be in Spring 2022.  


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